If you read my first article about “How I Improved Doctor’s Booking Conversion by 5% for Two Weeks,” this one is a continuity to those projects. In this article, I conducted another usability test called Guerrilla Usability Test to validate my design decision for the Booking Doctor feature in SehatQ mainly its desktop platform.

About Guerrilla Usability Test

This type of usability test is by using 5 random people as participants. Why five? According to experts, this is the number needed to detect approximately 85% of problems. This makes guerrilla usability testing a quick, cheap, and hassle-free way of gathering feedback.

In this test…


Because of the pandemic, my team is having a hard time doing a remote usability test. One of the hardest parts is finding people as a participant whose not biased with our product. After browsing a lot of alternatives, I am curious about the platform TryMyUI.com. Because they offer a free trial for 5 remote respondents for your usability test along with their voice and screen record.

TryMyUI.com Homepage


The purpose of this test is to validate if the new Chat Dokter landing screen is easy enough for our users to understand and navigate also can they gain every information we served.

Final Improvement for Booking Doctor


This study case is based on my original work in my current company, SehatQ. A multi-featured app for health, one of its primary features is Doctor Booking. By using this product, users can create an appointment to visit a doctor and avoid long queues in the hospital.


After a few months of rolling out the first version of this booking feature, we noticed there’s a major drop in users on certain pages. I decided to run a usability test on a bunch of people in our company and around my office. …

Arief Bagusprastyo

A UX Designer who loves to write and share experiences

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